What is a Podcast & How to Subscribe to TheBACoach Podcast

A Revolutionary New Media

Podcasting is changing the way people are learning about things. This new medium to disseminate information, news, and entertainment is one of the fastest growing areas in the new media realm. Everyday, millions of podcasts episodes are being consumed by listeners around the world.

According to Wikipedia:

podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. The word replaced webcast in common use with the success of the iPod and its role in the rising popularity and innovation of web feeds.

I found this really cool youtube video, that comprehensively illustrates what a podcast is:

There is a podcast for almost any hobby or interest you may have. It’s a cool way to engage your audience, and consume content. Since I have a big chunk of travel time everyday, to and from work, I listen to a variety of podcasts; and honestly I have learnt more from some of the podcasts, than I have learnt from a full term course at school. Some good and high quality podcasts provide amazing content.

TheBACoach Podcast – How to Subscribe

How to subscribe to our podcast, so that you receive all episodes automatically:

Online: You can subscribe via RSS Feed using the link below:


iTunes: You can use the iTunes show link below to subscribe to TheBACoach Podcast. This will enable all the shows to automatically be downloaded and be available on your iphone / ipad / ipod when you sync your device with iTunes.