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Don’t you want to pass the CBAP and CCBA Exam as fast as possible without having to simplify the entire BABOK on your own?  Do you need help in deciphering the latest and greatest edition of BABOK (V3) from the IIBA?  You’re in luck! The only study aid you’ll ever need is right here, and we promise it will help you understand everything you need to know to pass the exam in the first attempt.

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 The Ultimate BABOK Kit is now available with unprecedented study material to help you demystify the BABOK utilizing the following e-books and media: [Aligned with BABOK V3]

  • The Ultimate Study Guide for CBAP / CCBA
  • CBAP / CCBA eMindmap Study Guide
  • BABOK® eTables – Summarizing the BOK
  • BABOK® Cartoons (Detached KAT Tales from the study guide)

KAT Media:

  • KAT Video – Podcasts with video walkthroughs of the eMindmaps
  • KAT Audio – Audio podcasts of walkthroughs of eMindmaps

Okay, so what’s the cost for this incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this complete study package could easily sell for a few hundred dollars. Today, your total investment for The Ultimate BABOK Kit is only  $197

Immediately download: All the guides above (total of 500+ 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages) in PDF format along with KAT Media (38 high-def video and audio files)

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Click the button above to download a sampler of the kit. This has the complete first chapter of the guide, sample eMindmaps, eTables, and BABOK Cartoons.

You really cannot afford NOT to invest in this kit. It contains all of the tools you need to prepare yourself for the CBAP or CCBA exam and help you make sense of the BABOK guide. It’s easy to get started. Just click the button below, and an email will be sent to your email address. In it will contain all the links to download the e-books, and media onto your computer. It’s that simple.

Please see below for more details and a few more testimonials from current kit owners.

BABOK V3 Aligned, Unprecedented Study Guide [eBook] 

When studying for the CCBA or CBAP exam, it is not only important to understand the true meaning of the BABOK, but also to comprehend and remember all the key information. Striking balance between the two is absolutely critical. This study guide is a labor of love of 12 current practitioners who affirm that you will be able to relate these methods to the real practice of business analysis. The acronyms, mnemonics, and cartoons are presented to make your journey a bit more fun and interesting.

cbap-ccba study guide





This is the study guide that finally makes understanding the BOK “stick”:

  • Demystified BABOK content written and reviewed by current BA practitioners
  • Hundreds of examples to relate the BABOK® to real world
  • Magical Universal Acronyms – for no stress remembering
  • Study tips and Exam Nudges
  • KAT Tales™ – the revolutionary BABOK® Cartoons
  • Exam Essentials – How to pass in the first attempt
  • Reality bytes – a fully integrated case study to help you understand all the tasks in the BOK with a simulated case study used in conjunction with the guide.

Use the guide for:

  • Absorbing BABOK in a focused and highly engaging mode
  • Deep-diving into all the tasks and understanding the true meaning of each task
  • Learning KAT Tales and associated acronyms (The Fun mode)
  • Relate the BOK with the real-world through examples and the integrated case study


david-morris-cbap “Whatever style of studying suits you best—pictures, words, structures, analogy, speaking, doing things, or humour—this study guide will exercise you from every angle; and—combined with your own determination, and the BABOK—this study guide will definitely help you across the line and further your career and professional development aspirations”  ~ David Morris, CBAP, CSM, Redvespa, New Zealand.

BABOK V3 Aligned Enhanced Mindmaps [eBook]

The eMindmaps will convert the linear BABOK studying to a highly engaged hierarchical learning.


  • Includes knowledge area overview maps
  • Task maps for all the knowledge areas
  • KAT acronyms / mnemonics integrated (from the Study Guide)
  • BONUS Maps: Underlying competencies and Introduction maps included

Use the eMindmaps for:

  • Quick preview and review of the chapters
  • Shift in mode of learning from linear to hierarchical (the way your brain thinks)

Although launching now as part of the kit, the eMindmaps have been used by our CCBA/CBAP prep attendees since the past several months.

david-wear-online-cbap-prep-course-attendee “Mind maps were great to view the overall structure. Very handy when reviewing”  ~ David Wear, Critical Mass, Calgary.
katie-wear-online-cbap-prep-course-attendee “I thought they were a great way to get a quick overview of each KA and task, and to help with revising to get a quick refresher of what was learned when reading the babok chapter. Skimming through the mindmap really brings back to mind the key points of the chapter.”  ~ Katie Metcalfe, Toronto.

Enhanced BABOK Tables [eBook]

BABOK® eTables summarize the key information in a linear and logical manner. They include:

  • Summary of all tasks in the BABOK
  • All the KAT acronyms / mnemonics (from the Study Guide)
  • Useful for last minute exam cramming and also initial CCBA/CBAP application phase
  • BONUS Tables: A summary of all techniques in the BABOK (chapter 9)

Use the eTables for:

  • Quick preview and review of the knowledge areas and tasks
  • Understanding all the tasks and all their outputs during your application phase
  • Preview / review the techniques (chapter 9)

BABOK® Cartoons (KAT Tales™) – Updated for BABOK V3

The much raved about BABOK® Cartoons are finally here and now as a separate comic strips e-book. The BOK Cartoons are:


  • Detached KAT Tales Strips from the study guide
  • Includes strips for BAPM, Elicitation, RMC, EA, RA and SAV

Use the BABOK Cartoons for:

  • Last minute exam cramming and overview
  • Shift to fun mode of learning when you don’t feel like reading
  • Use the stories to visualize the different scenes and recall info
  • Over learn and ruminate over different tasks by using the different scenes as memory hooks
greg-online-cbap-prep-course-attendee “The KAT Tales presented an excellent mnemonic method to remember the tasks in each of the KAs, as well as the inputs and outputs. Not only were the visuals great, but the stories were simple and logical, allowing easy comprehension.”  ~ Gregory Saget-Rudd, CCBA, Montreal.

KAT Media with 3D BABOK V3 MindMaps Walkthrough

KAT stands for Knowledge Areas and Tasks. Use KAT media to study the BABOK by watching videos that show a branch-by-branch walkthrough of the eMindmaps. The information is explained in a succinct manner with 3-to-5 minute length videos. Detached audio is available for passive learning when videos or reading is unavailable. Here is a brief summary of what is included in KAT Media:

KAT Videokat-media-videos

  • 38 Videos in Total
  • 6 Knowledge areas overview videos
  • 32 Task videos – covering all key components of each task
  • Enhanced ID3 tags for easier search and review

 Watch KAT videos for:

  • Active preview / review of the different knowledge areas and tasks
  • Shift from reading / listening mode to watching mode
  • Focus on each aspect of the task by watching branch-by-branch narration



KAT Audio

  • 38 enhanced audio mp3 files
  • 6 Knowledge areas overview audio files
  • 32 detached task overview audio files
  • Enhanced ID3 tags for easier search and review

Listen to KAT audio for:

  • Passive preview / review of the different knowledge areas and tasks
  • Shift from watching / reading mode to listening mode
  • Use it on-the-go when you are unable to read or watch videos (commuting, doing your laundry, etc.)

So, how much would something like this cost? Since there is no comparable product in the market with such a bundle, we didn’t have any reference to select from. 

However, we did a few informal pricing surveys to assess the value of the kit by allowing the practitioners to indicate how much would be a fair price for this. We got responses between $300 to $500. So, we took the lower end of it.  

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Get the Ultimate Kit now by clicking “Add to Cart” below to get the immediate download of your copy

For a limited time get a 50% discount using the coupon code CYBERWEEK

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(Option to pay by credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Discover – is available on the PayPal checkout page)

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Money Back Guarantee 100% - Circle Badge BlueWe earnestly think you’ll find “The Ultimate BABOK Kit”  will help you to fast track your CCBA and CBAP Prep by simplifying the BABOK and providing the multi-sensory study aids. But if you find that the kit is not a good fit for you, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you the best of luck on your CCBA or CBAP exam.


Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo), CBAP

Host for TheBACoach Podcast and Creator of The Ultimate BABOK V3 Kit.

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