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TBAC 038 | Author Cast : Peeking Into Software Requirements 3rd Edition

by Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo2

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There are very few gems in the biblio-world of requirements engineering and “Software Requirements” by Karl Wiegers is one of them. If you remember I had interviewed Karl in a previous AuthorCast episode and we had a detailed discussion about the second edition of the book.

Today, I am pleased to bring to you an interview with Karl Wiegers and Joy Beatty who have co-authored the latest edition (3rd edition) of this gem.



Here is the podcast:

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Sneak Peek of the Episode

  • Inspiration and themes behind the new edition.
  • How Karl and Joy collaborated.
  • The collaboration approach used by Karl and Joy to co-author this book.
  • The editing and planning process behind writing this book.
  • Ingredients of adding maximum value to the reader.
  • Walkthrough of key changes between 2nd and 3rd edition.
  • 95k more words than second edition.
  • High-level overview of the book (the five parts of the book).
  • The importance of selecting specific requirements practices for different projects.
  • The single largest chapter in the book is on “Non-Functional Requirements.”
  • The new spreadsheet tool to estimate the business analysis efforts.
  • New agile content in the book.
  • How the role of a BA is highlighted in the new book.
  • ‘Requirements Gathering’ is out and ‘Requirements Elicitation’ is in.
  • The elicitation techniques update that will change the way you will elicit requirements.
  • The emphasis on practical and pragmatic techniques and tips.
  • How this book will be useful to experienced practitioners.

Insightful Quotes From This Episode

“Nobody cares how smart an author is and how much they know, they just care about how useful the author is.” (Karl)

“You will not find the phrase requirements gathering or gathering requirements in the book.”

“I really like to see a BA come up with ideas and suggestions from their experience.” (Karl)

“A BA can add a lot of value as a creative thinker, and not just as a questioner.”

Items Mentioned in the Show

Karl Wiegers in brief:

Karl Wiegers’s professional goal is to provide discussions, presentations, books, articles, training materials, templates, and other materials that can help improve the effectiveness of any individual or organization that develops products that contain software. He has many years of experience as a software developer, requirements analyst, manager, quality engineer, and process improvement leader. As a consultant and trainer, he has worked with more than 100 companies and government organizations of all types, helping them improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their software development activities. His publications have been recognized as helpful contributions to the domains of software requirements, process improvement, project management, and quality improvement.

Joy Beatty in brief:

Joy Beatty is a Vice President at Seilevel. Joy drives creation and implementation of new methodologies and best practices that improve requirements elicitation and modeling. She assists Fortune 500 companies as they build business analysis centers of excellence. Joy has provided training to thousands of business analysts. She is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®). Joy is actively involved as a leader in the requirements community, serving on boards of multiple industry organizations. She is currently on the International Institute of Business Analysis® (IIBA®) core team for improving A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide). She has presented at numerous requirements-related conferences and speaking events. Additionally, she writes about requirements methodologies in journals, white papers, and blog posts. Joy graduated from Purdue University with Bachelors of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics.

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2 Responses to “TBAC 038 | Author Cast : Peeking Into Software Requirements 3rd Edition”

  1. I’m reading it now…Really masterpiece. One of the most practical and comprehensive books about Requirements management ever written.
    Thanks Karl, Thanks Yamo

  2. Katie Metcalfe says:

    After reading Karl’s other books and finding them so useful, I will add this book to my reading list. It sounds really fulsome and useful for BA’s.

    Thanks Karl and Joy.


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