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TBAC 034 | BOK Talk – The Perfect Requirements Packaging w/ Jonathan Babcock

by Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo2

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“Good things come in small packages”  

You may have heard of that proverb. While it maybe true about life, it applies to packaging of requirements too.

In this podcast, Jonathan (no stranger to the podcast and the BA community), shares numerous useful insights on packaging requirements. We dissect the BABOK section 4.4 (Prepare Requirements Package Task), and apply the paint of reality to its various components.

Here is packaging of requirements coming to life:

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Sneak Peek of The Episode

  • Importance of “Prepare Requirements Package” task.
  • The essence of business analysis.
  • What format seems to work best?
  • Should communication happen after packaging? Is it linear?
  • Discussion of work products and which ones are the most prevalent and helpful.
  • How to focus more on discovery and discussion and less on word smithing.
  • Verbiage vs Content.
  • Why starting with informal approach to packaging results in a lot better dialogue.
  • The critical path of preparing requirements package.
  • Navigating the communication maze in traditional and scrum environments.
  • Detecting the thin grey line between good enough and overkill.
  • The point of diminishing returns w.r.t. requirements packaging.
  • Applying team wisdom to know when to stop.
  • The importance of involving key delivery stakeholders in the dialogue with examples.
  • How to enhance team understanding and relationship while preparing requirements package.
  • Discussion on templates BRD, SRS and User stories.
  • Customizing standard templates and the best way to do it.
  • Why Jonathan loves use cases.
  • Examples of using use cases, presentations and callouts.
  • Challenges in preparing requirements package and how to overcome them… 3 big tips from Jonathan.
  • The bane of a template.

Insightful Quotes From This Episode

“If a BA gets all the requirements right, it doesn’t guarantee the success of a project, but if requirements are wrong then it guarantees failure.”

“The goal of preparing package is to facilitate communication.”

“When it looks formal people tend to think we are trying to agree on something.”

“Word smithing is important, but the most important thing is that everyone understands.”

“The documentation is just a vehicle.”

“It serves a business analyst really well to learn about a lot of the good tools that are out there.”

Items mentioned in the show:

Jonathan Babcock in brief:

Jonathan Babcock has spent most of his 10+ year career doing business analysis in one form or another; first in telecom/broadband, and more recently in wholesale/retail distribution. Jonathan loves learning from and networking with other BAs and considers himself somewhat of a business analysis and solution delivery methodology junkie. When he isn’t on the clock, he is likely to be found reading, “tweeting” or blogging about business analysis at



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  • Published: May 21, 2013
  • Filed in: BOK Talk

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  1. Katie Metcalfe says:

    Good discussion and tips!

    Create a shared understanding, good words for the BA to live by.

    Thanks Yamo and Jonathan.

  2. Thank you, Katie! Seems like focusing on creating understanding instead of just creating documentation helps me to keep the right mindset.

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