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This is a continuation of the episodes as part of building business capability conference. In this episode the focus on components of a structured conversation and how to use it build high value user stories. What are some key elements that you need to focus on beyond the ‘As a ____, I should be able to, so that ____’ conversation.

There are numerous tips on how you can leverage structured conversation to explore, evaluate and confirm high value user stories. If you are into agile analysis, this is a must-listen episode. You will also listen to some of the real world examples for a few challenges that you may face and how to overcome them as part of using this approach.

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The Big Agile Group Hug at BBC 

One of the exciting things about it is the proposed “Agile Open Jam” that will help you get answers to some of the most pressing questions on topics relevant to analysis and product management in agile. There is also an image and link to the poster at the end of this post with more details.

If you are attending BBC this year, don’t miss out on the Open Jam! This is being led by, Ellen Gottesdiener, Mary Gorman, Jake Calebrese, Kent McDonald and Jeffrey Davidson.

Here is the episode:



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The Business Analyst Coach Podcast Artwork

There are very few gems in the biblio-world of requirements engineering and “Software Requirements” by Karl Wiegers is one of them. If you remember I had interviewed Karl in a previous AuthorCast episode and we had a detailed discussion about the second edition of the book.

Today, I am pleased to bring to you an interview with Karl Wiegers and Joy Beatty who have co-authored the latest edition (3rd edition) of this gem.



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It was a tex-mex night at Rose and Crown where we have our monthly GTA Business Analysts meetups. Bennett (who is btw, the voiceover on TheBACoach podcast intros) always has interesting insights that he brings to the table (no pun intended).

He seemed to really enjoy the “10 Powerful BA lessons from the Life of Pi” that I had posted on BA times as an inaugural guest post. In addition to these 10 inspirations, he reminded all of us on the table about a scene from the movie that can serve as a very important lesson in life; his perspective on this event in the movie inspired me to write this post (Thanks! Bennett).

Let’s also explore the angle of how this can serve as a powerful lesson for Business Analysts later in this post. Click to continue

“It’s not about the ability of those around you to lead. It’s about your ability to lead, despite what is happening around you.”

Business Analysts work on project teams and we sometimes find ourselves also performing the role of Project Manager or Project Lead.  Whatever roles we have, working effectively within a project team is a key skill and a valuable competency.

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Professional development is the lifeblood of any analysts career advancement. We encounter many opportunities to hone our craft through webinars, podcasts and training sessions.

What if you could get onto a time machine of professional development, where you will get the best of all the learning worlds in one place? 

What if you could network and rub shoulders with the industry thought leaders and get the advice that will help you with the next challenge at work?

An industry conference is one such platform and the go to conference for business analysts in North America is the Building Business Capability Conference.

As you maybe aware that we entered into a partnership with Rising Media to produce a few educational podcasts to the BA community. The focus of these podcasts will be to showcase the previews of the keynotes planned for BBC 2013.

If you have listened to how I interview our guests, you maybe aware of the information stretch that I ensure to make it an educational and usable podcast. :)

Roger’s Episode on Process Centric Approach

In Roger’s episode below we discuss his keynote on “Building business capability using processes”. We also discuss the world of process analysis and its importance to business analysis. One key takeaway from his podcast would be his suggestions and tips for how business analysts can become better at process analysis.

Here is the link with the show notes and links mentioned in the show:

Process centric approach to business capability

Marty’s High Octane Episode on Making Good Business Decisions Under Pressure

One of the gripping angles in Marty’s episode below is how he uses the metaphor of land mines to explore the traps of communication and leadership. His story of how he came up with the land mines series is fascinating. We all wish that we know ahead of time what pitfalls we may be involved with. In this episode, he shares some tips and pointers on how you can effectively navigate some of the land mines.

Here is the link with the show notes and links mentioned in the show:

Communication and Leadership Land mines – How to make good business decisions under pressure

Attend BBC at Discounted Price

Our partnership with the BBC also includes a 15% discount for the tickets to the conference. You have simply use the coupon code THEBACOACH to get this discount when you checkout from the link below.
We will be present at the conference and you can visit our stall. If you’ve been a long time listener of the podcast, it would be great to see you in person and hear about your feedback and comments.

So, please don’t pass this amazing learning opportunity.

See you at the conference!

Please use the comment space below if you have any questions or comments.

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