TBAC 045 | Author Cast : How to Perform Better Business Analysis Using the BABOK

by Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo1

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 Your work experience is a lens that can help you make sense of the BABOK. Every practitioners journey of reading the BABOK is different; however, there are common themes and patterns that one needs to pay attention to and learn from.

In this AuthorCast, I am pleased to present a repeat guest, Jarrett Hailes, to enlighten us about how practitioners can extend their knowledge of the BABOK. We use the lens of his recently published book – Pocket Guide for Business Analysis Based on BABOK – to deep dive and understand the challenges and benefits of applying the BABOK. There are many more concepts that we delve into that can expand your horizons and help you see the BABOK in a new light.

Here is the episode:

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Sneak Peek of the Episode

  • Challenges associated with comprehending BABOK.
  • Aligning BABOK to the real world. 
  • How can BAs be more valuable to their organizations.
  • Discussion around the valuable skills the BAs need to develop.
  • The narrative of a task in the pocket guide.
  • Walkthrough of ‘Define Business Need’ task from the pocket guide.
  • The chapter that was most challenging to write.
  • The new competencies added in the pocket guide.
  • Importance of being hypothesis driven.
  • Strategic thinking tips and tricks.
  • The new techniques in the handbook.
  • Applying pareto analysis to requirements analysis.
  • Discussion around using value stream mapping. 
  • The importance of timing of work in business analysis.
  • Framework to apply the BABOK.
  • CMMI and how it applies to business analysis practice.
  • Maturity of business analysis practice. 
  • How to start analysis as a consultant – the first critical steps.
  • How to improve business analysis practice.

Insightful Quotes From This Episode

“No matter what you are doing you should always be able to tie it back to the big picture.”

“Look for opportunities to go into other domains (makes you adaptable and pliable).”

“The more you make your requirements in real time the better it is.”

“Focus on one thing that you want to improve in your practice.”

Items Mentioned in the Show

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  1. Tom Burke says:

    Your lead-off sentence relating to the objective of “making sense of BABOK” is ambitious, for sure! Both casual readers as well as CBAP exam preparers have labored through this content – scratching their heads (or even standing on their heads!) to best understand the material. Kudos to your firm for taking on this challenge!

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