Five pillars of a great Business Analyst

What makes a good Business Analyst, a great one?

Discover what are the pillars that constitute, support, and transcend a good BA into a great one. We need great Business Analysts to execute projects, change businesses, lead and educate teams, create an atmosphere of trust, and get things done!

In this E-book you will discover and learn:

  • The most fundamental aspect of being a Business Analyst and why it is easily missed, by most.
  • How the changing social contexts are transforming the way we interact, and what a BA should know?
  • What makes you an indispensable emotional worker, as a Business Analyst?
  • Key concepts that help you understand each pillar, with real stories and examples
  • Action items(we all love these, as BAs) to help you implement and realize the essence of the five pillars

“Excellent pillars of a great BA with easy flowing elaboration of each one. I would fervently encourage all Business Analysts, regardless of experience, to read, grasp and hold dear at your fingertips, each one of these very valuable pillars of the profession. These pillars will be the foundation of your success – supporting you and elevating you to higher levels as you aspire to become a great Business Analyst.”. ~ Bennett Mendes, Toronto.

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yamo helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses, and I will use his tips to put in place action plans for personal improvement. I plan to use the steps Yamo sets out in part 3, Recursive Systems Thinking, to find my way in a new role in a new organization.”. ~ Helen, Auckland, New Zealand.

“I just completed your book and would like to thank you for getting this out for us. It was inspiring to say the least. As a BA, we often get questioned, and misunderstood. Our role is always a subject of debate.

This book helps you appreciate yourself and brings back faith in the role that you love playing. I specially enjoyed reading the fourth pillar – going the extra mile. Project Whisperer? Process Whisperer? Ingenious! The third pillar of system thinking was a good crash course for me to brush up some of the ways I could use to do my job better. Overall, a great read. Quick, to the point and amazingly useful! Congratulations on this initiative!”. ~ Shilpa Mudiganti, California, USA.

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