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TBAC 009 | Author Cast : Ellen Gottesdiener – Author, Agile coach

by Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo7

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I am really excited to be presenting the first episode of the “Author Cast” series, where I will be interviewing expert authors in the field of business analysis.

What could be better than be honored to have Ellen Gottesdiener as the first guest to kick-start this series. In this episode I got to learn Ellen’s background, and how she became a business analyst, expert facilitator, and her journey into authoring two great books “Requirements by collaboration” and
“Software requirements memory jogger”. I was really inspired by her career growth and ideas she has on facilitation.

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What inspires her to write:

“I really wanted to build something very practical … loaded with tips and examples”

“I didn’t want to write a doorstop about the requirements space”

“What models would I use to represent diff requirements along with some practical guidance? … was the driving mantra behind writing ‘Software Requirements memory jogger’…”

Here is a sneak peek of the episode:

  • Her background in psychology and sociology
  • Evolution from being a programmer, process improvement consultant, working with quality circle, project management and training.
  • Her first facilitation experience in a JAD session
  • Discussion around facilitator neutrality for a workshop
  • Foundation for her books and personal learning
  • The role played by International association of facilitators in her mastery of facilitation skills (link below)
  • Discussion on facilitation skills across different realms
  • Thinking behind coming up with the titles and taglines for her books
  • Jogger used as CBAP reference guide
  • 6Ps of the requirements workshop framework
  • Requirements by collaboration – Book walkthrough
  • Software requirements memory jogger – Book walkthrough
  • Discount for directly buying from the publishers using the code (link below)

Insightful quotes from this episode:

“Made it my business to really learn from experts and had them be my mentors, took training … improved my facilitation skills…”

“… I had so many experiences from workshops and I was noticing these patterns that I was drawing from almost tacitly …”

“Keep learning… get feedback from eachother from colleagues.. and continually doing retrospective.. this is wonderful work that builds community and it is important work that we are doing”

Items mentioned in the show:

Ellen Gottesdiener in brief:

Ellen Gottesdiener is Principal Consultant and founder of EBG Consulting, Inc. Ellen has authored two books, numerous articles and contributed to several compilation books. She is a frequent speaker at national conferences and an industry advisor. Ellen develops all the training material used by EBG Consulting. Since 1991 Ellen has provided a broad range of services to EBG clients including consulting, mentoring, facilitation and training. Prior to founding EBG, Ellen spent 13 years as a manager, team leader, developer, and trainer with a major insurance and financial services organization.

If you have any comments or questions for this episode, please post them below.

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7 Responses to “TBAC 009 | Author Cast : Ellen Gottesdiener – Author, Agile coach”

  1. Katie Metcalfe says:

    I have read both of the books mentioned by Ellen in this interview and have followed her writings with her online newsletter over the years. Her books really added value to my BA knowledge.

    You can subscribe to her newsletter and learn about her books at http://www.ebgconsulting.com. She also has a free resource section on her site that is worth checking out.

    As Ellen says, keep learning!


    • Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo says:

      Thanks for the comment, Katie. Its great to know that Ellen’s books have helped you immensely. Thanks for pointing to the newsletter and the website again, like you said there are a lot of resources associated with the books that folks can download from EBG Consulting’s website. Learning is a journey, and I love to be on it always. :)

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