Doug Goldberg from Dallas, Texas

TBAC 005 | BA Interviews, Season 1 : Doug Goldberg – Non-profit Health Care Business Analyst

by Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo5

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In this episode of the BA Coach Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Doug Goldberg from Dallas, Texas. Doug has been a long term friend now; we first met at a study group a couple years back and have been in touch ever since. With his 16+ yrs of professional experience, he speaks about some really fundamental concepts in handling stakeholders, that a lot of us sometimes tend to forget.

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Why he likes being a BA?

“I enjoy the challenge and interaction of working with people and personalities to resolve problems and deliver solution options”

Here is a sneak peek of the interview:

  • How he got into the role of a Java developer, and what made him stop that after 3 yrs of doing it
  • Why building strong stakeholder relationship is important, and how you can do it in 10 seconds.
  • Discussion on the importance of planning process to increase BA Productivity
  • His advice for business analysts / consultants on H1B visas (interesting, and useful)

Insightful quotes from this episode:

“Coding for me was pretty much mundane, you do the code, you test the code, .. and its all pretty much the same; but as you work through challenges and analysis, you are trying to find ways to present new ideas, understand current content, and analyze that and think, use creativity, use psychology, and communication skills to vary your work environment”

“I’ve been able to broach the stagnation barrier at my firm through a lot of really agressive and assertive communication…”

“I start with an understanding that I work with human beings, before I work with co-workers or associates…”

“If you approach people with a hand on their face, they don’t want to talk to you…”

“Relationship building outside of work is called networking, … its really important to build up a presence both online and on the ground with other people that are you in your profession”

“If you wait until you get laid-off or quit your job to join IIBA or to begin blogging or whatever it is that you decide to do, then those relationships haven’t been cultivated enough at that point, for them to be of any value to you… ”

“Network is the after effect of relationship building, its a conglomeration of relationships”

Items mentioned in the show:

Doug Goldberg in brief:

Doug Goldberg is a Senior Business Analyst in the Dallas, TX, USA market. He has 16 years experience as an analyst in application development for financial, health care and technology companies. He has also programmed Java/J2EE for a period of time. Doug is a volunteer business analyst mentor and the current VP of Professional Development for the Dallas IIBA.

I really enjoyed interviewing Doug and you will certainly find a lot of  valuable and useful information in this podcast.

If you have any questions or feedback for Doug, you can post them below!
Happy Listening!

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5 Responses to “TBAC 005 | BA Interviews, Season 1 : Doug Goldberg – Non-profit Health Care Business Analyst”

  1. Doug,

    My two favorite parts of this podcast were:

    1. The focus on the stakeholder relationships.
    2. The need for a BA (or hopeful) to take ownership of their own career aspirations.

    Nice story!

  2. Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo says:

    Thanks Jonathan. It is absolutely essential to focus on stakeholder relationships, because it can go a long way in making things happen for a Business Analyst. I am glad you liked Doug’s story.

    • Doug Goldberg says:


      Thanks for taking the time to listen to this podcast. I really appreciate the comments too. Stay engaged!

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  4. […] their contract expires asking for new opportunities. If you’ve listened to the podcast I did with Doug Goldberg, he points out that “You have to build a relationship with your network”. Keep an on the feed to see what your network is up to and encourage them, answer their questions […]

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