The Much Awaited CBAP® / CCBA™ Prep Course In Toronto

( Endorsed by IIBA and Created by TheBACoach )

Are you a practicing Business Analyst in Toronto looking to future-proof your career with IIBA CCBA™ or CBAP® accreditation?

Are you in search of an Economical, Comprehensive and IIBA® Endorsed course to help you pass the exam?

TheBACoach will be conducting a CBAP / CCBA Prep Boot Camp in Toronto (see dates below). This interactive course will provide you with best-in-class learning material, question bank, exam simulation and support.

In a weekend (Saturday/Sunday), from only $1,695 (See below if you qualify for a special discount) you can achieve:

  • 23 Professional Development Hours (PD hours) (Two live instruction days + One day of self-paced virtual training), enough to apply for the CBAP or CCBA exam
  • A detailed knowledge of the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) framework, to help you pass the CBAP / CCBA exam
  • Knowledge, hints and tips on how to apply for and pass the CBAP exam
  • Complimentary hard copy of the BABOK and ‘The Ultimate CBAP-CCBA Study Guide’
  • Complimentary copy of ‘The Ultimate BABOK Kit’

You will also receive 90 days access to an e-learning environment after the course, to help you revise, and access to 5 x one hour Q&A calls with a CBAP qualified trainer after the boot camp.

A Boot Camp Designed Just For You

Our Boot Camps are intensive, fun and comprehensive. You can look at the testimonials from past attendees and assess for yourself the kind of teaching we do. We make BABOK fun to learn and, yes, easy to remember. How? By giving you the same tools that helped us apply for and pass the CCBA™ and CBAP® Exams ourselves.

If you’re thinking this is going to be just another corporate training session, think again. We’re practicing business analysts, and we’ll teach this boot camp the way we would want to be taught in your place.  We will also be sharing all our memorization and exam tackling secrets so you’re as prepared for the exam as you can be.

Here’s the low down on what to expect:

  • Conducted by Yamo, host of the #1 BA podcast on itunes and author of the #1 ranked CBAP-CCBA prep guide on Amazon. 
  • Assistance with CBAP/CCBA Application.
  • Condensed Lesson Slides (CLS) that will help you understand the key concepts of each chapter of the BABOK®.
  • Enhanced Mindmaps  to give you yet another way to study the BABOK – ensuring that you’ll find a method that works for you.
  • Helpful Acronyms and Mnemonics to help you quickly recall the difficult aspects of the BABOK® (like the inputs / outputs for a given task).
  • KAT Tales™ – Comic Strips created to remember various KAs and Tasks in the BABOK, while making the studying process fun!
  • In-session Quiz to help you discover gaps in your knowledge and understanding of the BABOK®.
  • KA Discussions that will help you relate a section in the BABOK to the real life project scenario.
  • 90-Days of free access to our world-class e-learning environment to access the lesson slides from anywhere.
  • Chapter-wise Quizzes to help you strengthen the learnt concepts and also prepare you for the exam.
  • Final Exam Simulation, that will help you get a feel of the real CBAP / CCBA exam, through the model questions carefully crafted to increase your confidence.
  • Five, one-hour post-boot camp Q&A Calls to help you resolve any outstanding issues with the study of the BABOK.
  • An Online Discussion Forum where you can compare notes with colleagues and ask the instructors about any difficult topics.
  • IIBA ENDORSED for PD Hours & BABOK Alignment – provides 23 PD hours, which is enough to help you qualify for CBAP or CCBA (A minimum of 21 PD Hours are required to qualify)

This Boot Camp Comes to you at a Special Price of: $ 1,695

However, through the early bird date shown below, you can lock in an early-bird rate of just $1295. If you’re planning to take the exam this year, and you don’t want to break the bank, this is your best chance to not only get a great deal on a quality, endorsed course but also protect yourself in the unlikely event you don’t pass the exam.


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Here’s What Past Attendees Say:

david-wear-online-cbap-prep-course-attendee “The CCBA & CBAP course is outstanding way to further your career as a Business Analyst. Yamo instructional style of going through the BABOK was fun and educational. I really wish I had taken this class years ago to help me get through the BABOK instead of waiting for when I had the hours to challenge the CBAP exam. This class is great for a Business Analyst at any experience level.”  ~ David Wear, Critical Mass, Calgary.

online-cbap-prep-course-attendee“This course has helped me in understanding various Business Analysis activites which I can apply in the real work environment. It has also provided me the insight into BABOK that will aid me in reading the book with greater interest. Now I am more confident that I am going in the right direction with my preparation”. ~ Ruchi Vardan, Syntel Corp, United Kingdom.

“I certainly recommend The CCBA/CBAP Boot Camp conducted by Yamo. The face-to-face interaction will help BAs to understand the Business Analysis Domain more thoroughly; the study technique and tools shared by Yamo will immensely help all the participants to prepare for the examination. These tools and techniques will certainly help!” ~ Amit Sil, UST Global, India.

How Did We Do It?

Lots of people ask us how we managed to pass the exam, and that’s exactly what this boot camp will show you. One thing you’ll learn right off is that there’s simply too much to remember in the BABOK without using some tried and true shortcuts. We’re talking about smart acronyms and mnemonics. They’re a must for passing the exam. If you don’t use them wisely, you’ll waste a lot of time and will doubtless have difficulty coming up with answers.

Yamo is a master of acronyms. He spent countless hours creating perfectly memorable acronyms across all the Knowledge Areas. They’re a proven study mechanism that will give you better chances of passing the exam than the vast majority of your fellow applicants. Sure, you could rack your brain coming up with these on your own, but who has time for that? At TheBACoach boot camp, you’ll have the advantage of these acronyms as well as several other proven effective study aids.

What Makes Us Different?


You benefit through:

  • Relevant Experience: Yamo was in your shoes not too long ago. Why learn from someone following a manual when you can tap the knowledge and experience of a professional who successfully achieved the certification and has taught diverse set of BAs around the world?
  • Unparalleled Track Record: He has helped many aspiring candidates become CBAP® through his coaching and mentoring.
  • Increased Attention: As you’d expect, attending an in person prep course allows for much more personal attention throughout the camp.

Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo) is a passionate and practicing business analysis consultant from right here in Toronto.  He is the author of the #1 rated and best selling CBAP-CCBA Study guide on Amazon (‘The Ultimate CBAP-CCBA Study Guide’). He has over a decade’s experience in software development and has worked on diverse domains such as Retail, Auto, property, and Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Banking, Sales and Marketing, CRM, Cloud Computing, and Non-profit sector.

He’s also  the founder, blogger, instructor and podcaster at As a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), he is constantly looking for ways to contribute to the BA community and is passionate about learning and teaching business analysis topics.


TheBACoach strives to create unique and fresh content that is useful for the BA Community through its blog and podcast. Taking this forward, we are taking a fresh approach towards teaching the BABOK.

  • Condensed Lesson Slides will help you assimilate the core of each chapter in the BABOK.
  • KAT Tales™ – How about using some comic strips to remember KAs and Tasks, and making the studying process fun? (See below for a sample)
  • Enhanced Mindmaps will aid in quick revision and review close to the exam; this is particularly important if you have a full-time job.
  • Acronyms and Mnemonics for each chapter will make it easy to remember complex information.
  • In-Session Discussions will help you relate the material in the BABOK to real-life project scenarios.


While understanding BABOK is an important part of the Boot Camp, assessing the learning outcomes is an essential component as well. To make sure you derive maximum benefit.

  • In-Class Quiz will help you identify any gaps in the way you conduct business analysis currently.
  • Chapter-Wise Quizzes will help you understand the different types of questions for each knowledge area in the BABOK
  • Full-Exam Simulation will help you get a feel of the real CBAP / CCBA exam
  • The Boot Camp comes with a 90-day free access to the eLearning environment, so that you have enough time to go through the quizzes and exam simulation.










We have shown what we will teach to the IIBA and ensured they agree with the alignment to BABOK. This also ensures you get the required PD hours to be eligible to apply for CBAP/CCBA exam.

  • IIBA Endorsed Course to ensure BABOK alignment and number of PD Hours allotted.
  • The Boot Camp provides 23 PD hours which is enough to help you qualify for CBAP or CCBA (A minimum of 21 PD Hours are required to qualify)

If your career is on hold because you don’t have a certification, or if you’ve always wanted to pursue this but never found the time, the time is now.

Frankly, we don’t know when the TheBACoach CBAP / CCBA boot camp will come back to Toronto. It could be later this year, or it could be next year. 

Can you afford to wait that long?

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testi-photo“Participating in The BA Coach’s prep course was money well spent!!!! The material covered was specific to what can be expected in the certification exam.  I would not hesitate to recommend this course to my colleagues.”
- Sandra Brookes, University of Toronto.

Since we want to be sure to offer a quality learning experience, seating for the boot camp is extremely limited. We can’t add more seats in the future, so this is it. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, you’ll never have a better chance.

Don’t forget – sign up before the early-bird date and receive the early-bird price of $ 1,295.

Whether you want this certification to make yourself more attractive to future employers, or you’re a consultant looking for the credentials you’ll need to take on the most complex projects, the tools you need to succeed are at TheBACoach CBAP / CCBA Boot Camp.

Register by filling out the above form, and get ready to knock out that exam in one go, or we’ll pay for the next one.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Hand Drawn BlackRemember our guarantee. If for whatever reason you don’t clear the exam, we’ll pay for a future course as well as the cost of another exam – no questions asked. But no one’s ever taken us up on it because with our help, they’ve passed the first time, every time. We’ve got the material, the techniques and the personal experience. You’ve got a burning desire to get certified ASAP. Let’s work together!