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We are pleased to share the feedback and kudos we’ve received for ‘The Ultimate BABOK Kit‘ so far. This feedback is from the actual purchasers of the kit and in compliance with FTC regulation, no one received a complimentary copy of the kit to provide this feedback.

The Ultimate BABOK Kit is indeed a very good guide and coach for the CBAP aspirants. Use of multimedia tools and content makes the kit even more engaging. Thanks! ~ Ankit , Allahabad , India.

Well written and explained. Better than most books available on Amazon currently. ~ AMIT , LONDON , UNITED KINGDOM. Click to continue

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Complimentary Support and Educational Webinars

by Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo

We are extending our support to all the CBAP / CCBA aspirants through our complimentary webinars.

Please use the links below to register for a webinar today!

Open Mike For CBAP / CCBA Prep – FREE Support Webinars for Your Prep

The three upcoming webinars

Wed, July 29th 2014 – 9:30 to 10:30 PM EST ->

Wed, Feb 26th 2014 – 9:30 to 10:30 PM EST ->

Wed, Mar 26th 2014 – 9:30 to 10:30 PM EST ->

If you have any questions that you wish to ask in the webinar or if you would like us to conduct a webinar on specific topic, please let us know by using the comment space below.

The very fact that you reached this page makes me believe that you are a BA who is serious about advancing your career and keeping yourself abreast of the latest business analysis news. A segment of this post contains some unbelievable news, so, please make sure you are well caffeinated and alert.

In this post I want to focus on two exciting developments that will affect your career as a business analyst and will change the way you will study the BABOK for CCBA or CBAP Exams (starting next month); specifically:

  1. The Traction of CBAP / CCBA with the employers – With a Case Study of Toronto
  2. A Revolutionary Way to Study the BABOK® – A Sneak Peek

Your Next BA Gig Requires CCBA / CBAP

If you are thinking CBAP / CCBA is just a certification and must not be required to gauge the effectiveness of a business analyst, please read this.

OK, now that you have an idea, lets talk business. While, this is not widely prevalent yet, it is something that I wish to see happening. If you are an experienced BA, you must understand and know what a business analyst is and more importantly, what the role can be and do. When companies ask for CCBA / CBAP as a requirement in job descriptions, they are signaling to the world that they want people with credentials. They are getting aligned with the normalization that is happening to our profession.

The BA Identity Crisis – Can CCBA / CBAP Help?

In the recent BA World Conference in Toronto, I got the wonderful opportunity to moderate two panel discussions. One of which had the title “The BA Identity Crisis“. Here is a blurb of the premise for this panel:

“What the heck are we anyway? The question continues to challenge many of us. Some organizations call us BAs and others call us System BAs. Some ask us to solve others problems and others ask us to take notes. And all of this is just in our first few years. It gets even more complicated when we see the words Business and Enterprise Architect. We have to figure this out!”

There were a lot of interesting and key take aways from the discussion. The crux was that there is confusion still. And we cannot blame anyone for this. It is just that we are in an evolving profession. There has never been a better time to start this dialogue.

Can CCBA / CBAP Help?

Yes: – When we take time out of our busy schedules and focus on getting acquainted with the BABOK and understanding what we do for a living, things can start to change. This gives the world a signal that we are serious about what we do, we are passionate about this kind of work and we are ready to start a global movement to get our profession recognized.

No:  – Getting your CCBA or CBAP is just the first step of this journey. Don’t ever think that we can address the Identify crisis by becoming CCBAs or CBAPs. Nothing saddens me more when I see a CBAP or CCBA that cannot articulate what we do or even just articulate. Our work starts when we get certified. We should focus on forming a nucleus of BAs within our organizations and spread the word about the role and what we can do for our departments and the organization.

CBAP / CCBA Jobs in Toronto 

PATH in Toronto is the world’s largest underground shopping complex. Along with a plethora of shops, offices, restaurants, it is also a home to plenty of Business Analysts. While enjoying your stroll there, you may end up rubbing shoulders with Business Analysts working on some of the most challenging problems in the country.  Let us do a quick analysis on how a few of them get hired and if they would need a CCBA or CBAP?

Head over to (Canada’s Nr. 1 Job Portal), and search for the word “CBAP” (Go on, I am waiting)

Let us look into a couple of the postings:

CBAP Designation is an Asset:






 IIBA Membership and CBAP is Desirable:






I still remember back in 2010 when I was looking at workopolis, CBAP was no where to be found. Things have changed.

In short, In Toronto? Become a CBAP or CCBA

I am sure we could see a similar trend in other cities as well. In this post, I just wanted to demonstrate an example of Toronto, since I am from here, I thought I could use some real emotion and facts to illustrate my point. :)

Having said that, if you are in Toronto and are looking into becoming a CCBA or CBAP you MUST attend this CCBA / CBAP exam prep boot camp that we are conducting next month. Jonathan and I will be the instructors for this and it will be a lot of learning and interaction! There are limited seats in this course, so get your spot soon (when I was posting this, there were 3 seats left May 26th: All seats are now taken).

The special thing about this boot camp is that for the first time in the history of CCBA Or CBAP teaching, cartoon strips will be used to demystify some aspects of the BABOK. This takes me to our second main point of this post.

A Revolutionary Way to Study the BABOK® 

Starting June 2012, our courses will incorporate KAT Tales™ into them (KAT = Knowledge Area and Tasks). These are cartoon strips that will help you study and remember a few key aspects of all the knowledge areas and tasks in the BABOK. These comic strips and this approach to teaching will be one of our flagship trademarks. This will validate our commitment to keeping the CCBA / CBAP taker’s interest first, by helping them enjoy the process of studying for the exam.

Sneak Peek

For all the curious cats out there, here is a sneak peek of a KAT Tale™ :


CCBA / CBAP Prep Course in Toronto will be the first course on the planet to start teaching BABOK using cartoon strips. If you are in Toronto, dont miss this. Here is the link again to CCBA / CBAP Exam Prep Boot Camp in Toronto