Aug-18-2013 Update:

Due to a recent notice from IIBA related to copyrights of the word ‘BABOK®’, we are changing the name of this game to be ‘BA Hangman’ instead of ‘BABOK Hangman’.


Early this year, we announced the 5 disruptive business analysis innovations that you need to lookout for in 2013. One of them was creation of the learning Games. We created history by launching a game in our online CBAP-CCBA prep courses. The course participants could play and learn the different business analysis terms. The response was very positive and encouraging.

Who wouldn’t love to play (and learn), instead of just learn?

So, what’s happening today?

Well, today we are creating history by launching the world’s first public BA game.

We are opening up the BA Hangman to be available to everyone. Thanks to the increasing revenues from “The Ultimate BABOK Kit“, we were able to support the development of the web version of the game. Hence, this game will be supported and sponsored by ‘The Ultimate BABOK Kit‘.

The BA Hangman Game

Without further ado, here is the world’s first Business Analysis  game.


<<Undergoing design changes to reflect name change, please revisit again>>

Game Structure – What is at Stake?

The hangman game is your typical hangman game, but loaded with word puzzles from the words related to business analysis. The puzzles include words / terminology that is a:

  • Business analysis task(s) names
  • Input (s) of a task.
  • Output(s) of a task.
  • Elements of a task.
  • Stakeholders involved (generic / variations)
  • Techniques.
  • BA glossary.
  • Requirements attributes.
  • General BA terms.

There is also an area just below the on-screen keyboard, to indicate a category – just to get you thinking (only in “Easy” and “Medium” levels).

Game Levels – What is the Challenge?

We did ensure that this doesn’t happen. So, we consulted a gaming expert to help us design the levels of difficulty. There is some level of challenge for every level of business analyst.

If you are a newbie, your best bet would be to start with “Easy” level and if you are an experienced BA , you can start with “Medium” or “Hard” – the ‘bring in on’ level.

And hey, for the bragging rights, there is also a “Level” indicator that will stroke your ego as you solve the puzzles.

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Your Thoughts and Level Please

Please use the comment space below to share any of your thoughts, feedback or questions.

And, also the maximum level you were able to reach in the game. : )