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About me:

Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo) .. The BA CoachMy name is Yaaqub Mohamed, a.k.a Yamo. I am a passionate and practicing Business Analyst, author and blogger from Toronto, Canada. I host this blog and podcast to help business analysts throughout the world, do analysis better, by providing educational, relevant and inspiring content.

I strongly feel that good business analysis is the key to solving business problems effectively, eliminating waste and moving the society in a positive direction. To be in the loop for the latest,
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Ab initio and the drive:

The motivation for this blog comes from the biggest lesson I learnt from my mom, since I was a kid: The BA Coach Inspiration for since a kid

To enrich your life, you need to first enrich other peoples lives


The allusion in this context for me is enriching my journey as a Business Analyst. I am here to share what I’ve learnt so far in the adventure called Business Analysis and more importantly learn from other talented BA practitioners through out the world, by building a vibrant community around the podcast and blog.

The second biggest motivation, that drives a lot of the action I take is from Seth Godin, through his book, Linchpin. I have listened to the audio book at least 3-4 times, and it has been phenomenal source of motivation for me, according to him:

“Everyone’s an artist now.”

By Seth’s definition,

An artist is not just some person who messes around with paint and brushes, an artist is somebody who does  “emotional work.”

Work that you put your heart and soul into. Work that matters. Work that you gladly sacrifice all other alternatives for.

After building India’s first voice enabled web browser at school, working for the largest IT consulting firm in Asia on myriad of projects under extremely challenging conditions, co-founding a cloud start-up and discovering blogging to be a perfect medium for me to disseminate what I’ve learnt, I launched in the summer of 2011; to give back to the BA community!

Blog or a blending of passions?

Every pixel of this blog is handcrafted with passion; I will try my level best to present the content in a format and style that is useful, unique, and relevant to the BA community. Since  graphic design, web design, music production and study techniques are my other passions, I consider this blog and podcast to be a perfect intersection of all my passions!

A few kind comments from other Business Analysts:

“It’s easy to deliver content about any topic that some would find valuable, but it’s quite another to have a passion about a topic. Only then can someone, like TheBACoach deliver high-quality content. I truly believe that Yaaqub brings a fantastic and refreshing approach to help the Business Analysis profession and community.”

- Doug Goldberg, Dallas, Texas – BA, Blogger, Mentor and Instructor

“I think it is important for Business Analysts to hear the thoughts of practicing BAs.  Most times the written word cannot convey the emotion and passion that comes out in a podcast.  It’s an exciting time to be a Business Analyst and The BA Coach podcast and blog are great resources.”

- Brad Botz, Lubbock, Texas – Host for The BA Mastery Podcast

“Fantastic resource, keep it up!”

- Joe De Silva, Salisbury, UK – BA, blogger, and co-host for

“It’s a great idea for a blog and podcast.  Wish this existed when I was starting off as a BA.  I’m sure it’ll be a big success.”

- Sakheb Alim, Toronto, Canada – Lead BA, PM

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All the steam and propulsion for this blog come from passionate Business Analysts, who believe in making a change, and causing things to happen.They constantly take their craft to the next level, learn everyday through blogs, podcasts, and involvement on twitter and other forums. To join the community, subscribe to our eNewsletter:


Thanks for your time, and for reading this far! :)

– Yaaqub Mohamed(Yamo)